Angels of the Amazon Annual Fundraiser

Below is the floor plan for the updated version of the clinic. Sponsor a room to support its creation and have your name memorialized at the entrance!

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For those who want to donate a specific amount, or don’t want to choose what to sponsor, here is a simple option for you!

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Your Help and Support can bring medical relief to those living in the Amazon Rainforest

Our Mission

Founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization, the mission of the Angels of the Amazon (AoA) foundation is to provide aid to the 8,000 indigenous people living in the 12 communities in the Tahuayo River basin. The Tahuayo River is a modest tributary of the upper Amazon River, about 100 miles SSW of Iquitos, Peru. This is a very remote part of the world. Iquitos City is the world’s largest city which is not connected to any other city by road, being surrounded by impenetrable Amazon jungle
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Angels of the Amazon (AoA) has provided support to the health care of the Tahuayo River basin since construction of the Esperanza clinic in 2007. Every year AoA has contributed to the operation and improvements in the clinic. However, wood structures do not last long in the tropical rainforest so AoA decided to rebuild the clinic with bricks and concrete as well as greatly expand the clinic for current and future needs. In 2019 we have made incredible progress to this end and are seeking support from our donors to solidify the construction of this space. Look below to see how you can donate to support this cause.

Old Clinic

New Clinic in Construction

Three Ways to Donate

Sponsor Materials

For small to large donations, sponsor the purchase of medical equipment for use within the clinic after the rooms are constructed. Materials range from floor tiles to wheelchairs and bedside tables.

Sponsor a Room

For a large donation, sponsor the construction of a room within the clinic to provide the costs of the materials and labor that go into building it. 

General Donation

For a donation of any size that can be distributed anywhere throughout the organization, make a general donation through the link below.


The Angels of the Amazon has provided educational support for the villages of the Tahuayo River, concentrating on the four villages of the upper Tahuayo River, where the need is especially acute. In addition to the support received by the government, AoA provides the local elementary grade schools with tutors, books, school supplies, tables, chairs, regular nutritional breakfasts, and most recently a playground in Chino Village.


Angels of the Amazon has provided the local communities of the Tahuayo River with several sustainable economic initiatives. Organized by Dolly Beaver, this cooperative supports the local women of the villages in creating traditional arts and crafts while still using renewable resources such as palm fibers in their work. Since the baskets are woven by the local women, their economic empowerment has helped them find a voice in their communities thus uplifting their self-esteem and self-worth in their villages and in their homes.

Angels of the Amazon works to bring healthcare, education and environmental care to the Amazon Rainforest


The Angels of the Amazon is proud to say that nearly 100% of all our donations go directly to funding programs to support the people of the Tahuayo River basin. No donations are used for administrative salaries, administrative overhead, office overhead, or advertising costs. We are fortunate that those expenses are 100% paid for by the ecotourism company Amazonia Expeditions.

Check-A-Charity is a great tool provided by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to search for public records on Charity organizations. Using this tool you can search for “Angels of the Amazon” and click “expand all” to view copies of our yearly donations, spending reports, and other information. You will find that approximately 98% of all our donations go directly to funding our charitable programs. The other 2% goes to newsletter printing and mailing twice a year (1%) and accounting audit and state licenses and fees (1%).

Please let us know if you have additional questions and we’ll be happy to go over and explain the documents with you.

You Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

Angels of the Amazon's goal is to promote the culture, wellbeing, and education of communities in the Tahuayo River basin. Your support in the lives of those in need is appreciated. Please contact us to see how you can help us in our mission today!
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