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Quality Medical and Dental Treatment

In 2007, the Angels of the Amazon began partnering with the medical clinic in Esperanza Village. This medical clinic is the only entity supporting the medical needs of the people of the Tahuayo River basin. With assistance from AoA, the Esperanza Clinic has improved to the point where it is now considered to be the best rural clinic within Peru’s Amazon region. Although the clinic was built to service the health care and needs of the people of the Tahuayo River basin, patients in medical need often travel from surrounding communities seeking out quality medical and dental treatment and care that is offered by the clinic.

Angels of the Amazon oversaw the reconstruction of Esperanza Clinic & funding for staff

Angels of The Amazon reconstructed this rural clinic by first adding concrete floors, two emergency care rooms, bathrooms and offices for the clinical staff. In 2010 a maternity room was added and in 2011 electricity was provided by utilizing solar power thus giving evening lights for emergency medical procedures as well as providing the capabilities to refrigerate vaccines and antivenin.
In addition to enlarging and improving the clinic facility, AoA also assists with the funding of the staff, paying the salary of two nurses and one laboratory technician. Part time help and practicing interns are also provided for by AoA. Some essential medicines and medical supplies used by the clinic are likewise provided. Dentists and physicians are regularly brought into the region for health clinics as well.

Angels of the Amazon takes financial responsibility for surgeries that cannot be performed in the clinic

The clinic sees an average of 20 patients a day. AoA has also taken financial responsibility in helping to care for patients needing advanced medical care including surgeries, which cannot be performed at the clinic. Patients supported by AoA have been treated in hospitals in Iquitos city, the capital of Lima, and even in the United States. Such surgeries have included cancer treatments, reconstructive surgery, restoration of eyesight, hearing, and ability to walk.

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