Dear Friends of Angels of the Amazon,

It has been a terrific few months, so I am happy to share the following news with you!


Esperanza Clinic Grand Opening

This past month, AoA board members traveled from the United States to celebrate the grand opening of Esperanza Clinic. The day was full of celebration with performances by the school children, a live folkloric band,  speeches from local authorities and from founder Dolly Arevalo Beaver. The clinic was reconstructed with brick and concrete and now boasts a traumatic care room, maternity room, children’s care room, women’s care room, pharmacy, vaccine storage room, waiting area, water tanks, sleeping quarters for nurses’ staff and much more. It is a beautiful, new facility.


Dental Volunteers Making a Difference in Esperanza

AoA has worked with several groups of volunteer dentists throughout the years. Recently we have partnered with the Healing  the Children Northeast who are an amazing group  of  dentists and hygienists. Over 300 people we treated in October, at the site of the new clinic.

 Be the Change Volunteers continues to be a great partner with Angels of the Amazon in the construction of the high school project. This year we completed the 5th classroom for the high school. This last addition was built with a metal roof that will be more resistant to termite and weather damage. The school also received furniture for the new classroom and books to expand the school’s library. Each year, more high school students are benefiting from this amazing project. Through the success of this project we are giving local young people the tools and the opportunity to improve their future.                                                    

AoA Sponsored students are doing very well at school, learning every day, working hard to achieve. Good grades to pass to the next school year. Some of the students had expressed that they love coming to school because they enjoy their teachers. The teachers are heroes to us and to many of our students!

Sponsor a nutritious Breakfast

Despite increased economic growth in Peru since the beginning of the 21st century, Peru still has a large proportion of children with Iron Deficiency Anemia. Children in rural areas are most at risk. As an organization we have worked hard to decrease the incidence of childhood anemia in our region. The Esperanza clinic plays a large role in this – by providing access to routine checkups (& supplements) for children in need. However, you can also play a part as well. Ask us how you can help to sponsor a nutritious breakfast for the local children. Good nutrition is crucial to both the body and the mind! Take a stand against childhood anemia!

New Hope

We would like to introduce don Manuel and doña Maria an elderly couple in the village of Buena Vista. Manuel and Maria live alone. They had only one son who passed away long ago. They had some grandchildren, but they too eventually moved away from the village and into the city for work. As the couple started to get much older, they got too old to work and provide for themselves. Neighbors would help them occasionally, but it was not enough. Now even their simple home was falling apart, and there was no way for them to fix it. With the help of our AoA volunteers, we supplied the building materials, tools, fuel and food for the construction of their new home. The couple loves their new home. We know we can’t fix all of their problems, but helping to give them dignity and comfort in their old age was our mission.

Navidad en la Selva

We are asking for your help so we can continue with our programs in the New Year, providing assistance to the ones in need. You can also help contribute to the annual Christmas celebration to buy toys for the children, new blankets for the elderly and food for the community – this celebration brings several communities together to celebrate joy, peace and hope. One heart two worlds!


The Jungle’s Daughter