Dear friends and supporters of Angels of the Amazon,

This has been another great year for AoA! We had the opportunity to learn, get inspired, stretch minds and overall see the results of many projects and continue extending a helping hand where it was needed the most.

This year we also had a tremendous flood to endure. Unlike the disastrous flood of 2012, this flood lasted much longer, with the government red alert lasting for 18 weeks, through the third week of June. AoA was able to support many families that were most affected by the flood. With a little help, people can be so resilient and every time I learned something new and amazing by their spirit and
compassion for each other. We traveled along the Tahuayo River in boats, distributing packages of food and supplies to those most in need.

Finally we were relieved by dry conditions in July and August and had groups of volunteers at the lodge who helped in special projects. One group of young students repaired the Chino playground. Another couple of groups, from Be the Change Volunteers helped to construct the second classroom of the high school, and the student restrooms.

High school education is crucial in breaking the vicious cycle of agrarian poverty and offering the young people of the upper Tahuayo River communities choices in their lives. In other educational news, this year AoA has partnered with CREA wildlife center in Iquitos to provide environmental education, recycling education and conservation efforts to protect endangered species in the area. In the past few months AoA has funded several surgeries for some of the residents as well as financial support for the patients who need to convalesce in Iquitos and Lima.

AoA also continues to fund two full time nurses at the Esperanza clinic so people in the community can receive care 24 hours a day every day of the week. Medical equipment, new mattresses and medical supplies have also been supplied to the clinic in the last few months. A special training clinic for the staff and special women’s’ clinic was held in October by a visiting physician as well.
Goals for 2016.

With your support we have special projects in mind for 2016. We plan to construct a special facility for a women’s center, which will house the women’s artisanal cooperative Manos Amazonica. This place will be used as a training and social center to teach young and single mothers the weaving techniques to create and share economic prosperity. Estelita, the president of Manos Amazonica said, “Thanks to AoA for helping to create and support the women artisans and women’s issues in general for all these years, for believing in us that we can create beautiful works of art.” Other members added that the artisans house will be “A dream come true.”

Be the Change Volunteers are planning to return to continue construction and development of the El Chino High School. Subject to fundraising we also hope to do more construction of the clinic, replacing aging wood walls with concrete walls. Special thanks to many Amazonia travelers and to all our donors and volunteers who donate their time, labor and funds which contribute to AoA’s mission.

Without your help none of our projects would be possible. Thank you on behalf of the many grateful people whom you have helped. AoA has been
a bridge and I the instrument that connects you with them. The courage, strength, resilience that many people have showed me only keeps me motivated to continue creating, being and collaborating more, together we can make a world of difference!
One heart, two worlds!

Dolly Beaver
The Jungle’s Daughter
Executive Director of Angels of the Amazon