Angels of the Amazon Thanks You For Your Support

Angels of the Amazon would like to thank you for your support! You can donate to Angels of the Amazon by check, credit card or PayPal.


Feel free to reach out:


[email protected]

Phone: 1-800-262-9669

Dolly Beaver
Angels of the Amazon
10305 Riverburn Dr
Tampa, FL 33647


The Angels of the Amazon is proud to say that nearly 100% of all our donations go directly to funding programs to support the people of the Tahuayo River basin. No donations are used for administrative salaries, administrative overhead, office overhead, or advertising costs. We are fortunate that those expenses are 100% paid for by the ecotourism company Amazonia Expeditions.

Check-A-Charity is a great tool provided by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to search for public records on Charity organizations. Using this tool you can search for “Angels of the Amazon” and click “expand all” to view copies of our yearly donations, spending reports, and other information. You will find that approximately 98% of all our donations go directly to funding our charitable programs. The other 2% goes to newsletter printing and mailing twice a year (1%) and accounting audit and state licenses and fees (1%).

Please let us know if you have additional questions and we’ll be happy to go over and explain the documents with you.