Angels Newsletter #25

Dear Friends of Angels of the Amazon,

The work of the Angels of the Amazon foundation (AoA) has continued as always, even while much of the world closed during the pandemic. We would like to share with you some events of note.


The Association of Artisans “Manos Amazonicas” from El Chino, Tahuayo River, Peru was created by AoA and has been assisted by the foundation in many ways, including the construction of a building for their use. This group of exceptional women has used their art of weaving to generate income to support their families, empowering them to have a stronger voice in their community. Their artwork is made from natural materials sustainably harvested from the rainforest.
Through their work, they promote environmental conservation and preserve traditional culture. Before the pandemic, the women sold their goods to the tourists who came to visit Amazonia’s ecolodge on the Tahuayo. However, in the last year, the absence of tourism has threatened this important part of their finances. To help support the women during these difficult times, AoA stepped up and bought thousands of dollars of artisania crafts. These beautiful crafts are now on sale on our online store. If you wish to own some of this great work and support the women of the communities, please see the following link:

Visit our Online Store on

Healthcare-Esperanza Clinic

Angels of the Amazon clinic has remained open to
serve the 17 communities of the upper and lower
Tahuayo as well as some communities outside of the
Tahuayo River basin. Our dedicated, professional staff works daily and makes sure the clinic runs efficiently. Our staff comes from the city of Iquitos, as they have families there, but they are devoted to their work and patients and stay permanently at the clinic during their shifts. When we rebuilt the clinic in 2019 we included dormitory living space. The clinic has become a lifesaver more than ever. Our professionals had their own challenges throughout these difficult times, but remained efficient and helpful towards their patients. 

Educational programs

The new school year has begun and this month we will be distributing school supplies to each student. Of special note, we wish to congratulate students Nelia Huanaquiri from Esperanza village and Enith Arirama from El Chino village, who are supported by AoA’s sponsors’ scholarship program. They both passed their exams to enter the Nursing Academy in Iquitos. We are so proud of them!

They will continue with their education towards a future career that they enjoy. Upon graduation, they hope to return to the Tahuayo to serve their communities by working at the clinic in Esperanza built and funded by AoA. Another student from El Chino, Wendy Guerra, will soon take her exam to enter the University to study education. It is her dream to return to El Chino as a kindergarten teacher. The dreams, aspirations, and hopes of these three, as well as all of the Tahuayo students, will help them to conquer all adversities. Their persistence, dedication and hard work will help them reach their goals.

Dolly’s Note

Thank you all for your past & current support to our mission. You have fed the hungry, healed the sick and given opportunity for young people to rise above the cycle of agrarian poverty. We are asking for your continued support during this challenging time to help us continue with our programs. AoA is the bridge between you and the Tahuayo communities.

Hope Lives!


The Jungle’s Daughter