Dear Friends of Angels of the Amazon,

Dear Friends of Angels of the Amazon,

Last year was an amazing year for Angels of the Amazon (AOA). Thanks for being such an important influence in the success we experienced in 2010. The major focus of this last year was in health care and education. We continue to work toward our mission of assisting in the economic, medical and educational needs of the indigenous people of the Tahuayo River.

Because of your support AOA has been able to bring hope to the natives of the jungle, especially to the women and children who are the most vulnerable. It is fantastic to partner with you in improving the quality of life, and turning difficult situations into opportunities for people, changing life for the better.

We can’t change the whole world at once, but if we can change the world of one person at a time, that is a good start!

Medical Up-date

Several people needed assistance for surgeries and other special interventions. Karla, 12yrs old, had a second surgery to restore the left side of her jaw and she is now in Iquitos continuingwith therapyDoña Chula, 72 yrs old, broke a bone in her arm is also back to her village after surgery; she continues to progress.Don Peter, Doña Elvia, Little Elsita, and many others whose medical care was assisted by AOA this year are grateful for your support.

AOA continues its support of the medical clinic in Esperanza. With support from our donors we constructed a maternity room addition in June. Having a maternity room is a dream come true for the women of the Tahuayo region. Many women have already used the room to deliver their babies. Now they have privacy to deliver, and are able to find professional assistance they need to ensure healthy babies and mothers.

AOA sponsored several special health measures last year, including anti-parasite efforts and workshops in infant mortality.  Your donations also helped to keep the clinic well stocked with medicine as well as pay for half of the clinical staff.

Education Up-date

Our sponsored students had a productive school year, earning good grades and some of them even academic honors. Thanks to the interest of new donors willing to take on a long term commitment, we added five more students to our scholarship program.  The native children also had an opportunity last summer to learn about artistic expression from our visiting volunteers.

In December, AOA, Hope Alliance and several volunteer tourists built thirty desks and sixty chairs to be used by Chino Elementary school children. These items were desperately needed by the students.

Special recognition goes to our excellent student Hellen Saldaña who won first place in the regional math contest and was rewarded with 3 months free tutoring for the University of Iquitos entrance exam. Congratulations to Juan Manuel, Marcos, Katherine, Xina, Jefferson, and Christian for receiving high honors from their respective schools.

Community Involvement

This past year we also paid special attention to the disabled children in the Tahuayo area. Your donations purchased items such as mosquito nets, diapers, milk and even bed cribs with mattresses, where the children just had a hard floor to rest. As simple as these items are to get in the city, jungle families don’t have the financial resources to do it, so AOA was able to help with these basic items.

AOA celebrated our traditional Christmas with the villages. Over 450 people joined us for brunch and many of our tourists helped us distribute the meal for the children. We all enjoyed a wonderful recital performed by the children of the different villages, followed by distribution of eco-friendly toys to all the young children who smiled with happiness as they received their gifts.

A look into 2011…

In 2011 we hope you will support efforts to maintain the clinic, emergency medical situations  and scholarship programs.  In addition we plan to focus delivering pure water, modern bathroom facilities and a kitchen for the school in Chino and perhaps a playground as well.

AOA has provided the opportunity to serve and love people less fortunate and in need.  There are no words to thank you on behalf of the people who you have helped or express my gratitude for trusting and supporting AOA and for giving me the strength, courage and power to speak for many people who sometimes can’t speak for themselves.

One child at a time!…


Dolly Beaver


Angels of the Amazon