Dear friends and supporters of Angels of the Amazon,

The accomplishments for AoA this year has been wonderful and encouraging. It is hard to describe everything in a newsletter, but I will do my best!

Health Care

We had the great pleasure to deliver new furniture to the clinic, such as cribs, hospital beds, hospital night tables with wheels, IV stand, medicines, blankets and baby wool hats. A modern microscope was donated in June, which is used for diagnostic testing. Two full time nurses and one part time is also funded by
your donations to AoA. The staff at the clinic and the people of Esperanza received the new furniture with much excitement and the village threw a party to celebrate. While the clinic that AoA supports has become a very respected rural clinic, AoA has long addressed special medical needs and circumstances that are beyond the capacity of the clinic to manage. These have included surgeries and rehabilitative care in Iquitos, Lima, and even the USA. In the past few months we have sent several adults and children for special care in Iquitos, including to get prescription for glasses. Special needs care for physically and mentally challenged people is also a part of our program. The past month a family from San Carlos village with an 8 year old paralyzed from meningitis, was added to our care. Another child 5 years old who has congenital deformation of his hands and feet was started in our program as well. In the coming year we need your support to keep our professional staff working at the clinic of  Esperanza and support the clinics needs of equipment and supplies, as well as to have funds for emergency and special needs health care.


The students enrolled in our Angels program are showing great progress at school, especially with reading. On my recent visit they were so proud to read and show their notebooks with excellent grades. The subject of reading is particularly difficult for many in the jungle communities because the parents
are typically illiterate. At least two of our tourists every month have hosted nutritional breakfasts in the elementary school. The children enjoy showing their appreciation with singing and gymnastics. Once students graduate from the village elementary school they often wish to continue their education, pursuing high school and then even technical training beyond that, with the help of their AoA sponsors. Our AoA donors have provided this wonderful opportunity, which breaks the vicious cycle of agrarian poverty. In the near future we will be looking to expand and improve the fledgling high school in Chino Village, so that more students can advance their education. We have tentative plans to begin construction of a new education building for high school students in August 2014. We ask for your support in this effort!


The group of artisans “Manos Amazonicas” continues to make and improve upon new designs and we are helping them to search for new venues to sell their products. Some new members have joined the cooperative, young single mothers with babies, giving them an opportunity to work at home and earn
needed income.

The holiday season is approaching and AoA has started to organize our celebration with the villages of the Tahuayo basin. Please consider to continue your support of the people of the Tahuayo in the most joyful spirit of giving.
I thank you on behalf of the many people whom you have helped. AoA has been a bridge between cultures and I feel so fortunate to be the instrument that connects you with them. The courage, strength, resilience that many people had showed me only keeps me motivated to continue creating, being and
collaborating more, together we can make a world of difference! One heart, two worlds!

Dolly Beaver
Executive Director
Angels of the Amazon