Dear Friends and Supporters of Angels of the Amazon,

We have made great progress this year in support of the education of children in the villages of the Tahuayo River. I visited our sponsored students at home and at school, and found that their attendance records and grades are wonderful! The projects of the teachers’ home and raised walkway to the high school have been completed with great effort by our partners from BTCV, El Chino community and AoA. Members of the community of El Chino Village and our volunteers worked together very hard, sometimes in extremely hot or rainy weather, sharing laughter and a sense of community. A volunteer with a big heart said to me, “this is a labor of love.” Our teachers from Iquitos city are very excited for their new home with bathrooms and private bedrooms.

The raised walkway is 300 meters long and goes directly from the teachers’ home in the community to the school. Our students are happy to walk in dry places keeping their school shoes in good condition for class.

AoA continues its vigorous support of health care in the Tahuayo communities. Our professional nurses (paid by AoA) at the Esperanza Village Clinic continue working to improve the service for every patient that comes for care. The nurses are doing an outstanding job keeping all the babies and young children updated with their vaccines. The child mortality rate in the Tahuayo area has plunged to zero thanks to care provided for the newly born.

Old teachers’ home New teachers’ home AoA and some of our guests also stocked the clinic’s pharmacy with much needed medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. Some patients with serious medical problems were taken to the hospital in Iquitos for medical treatment beyond the scope of the clinic and AoA provided the funds to their treatment. In October our veterinarian friend Dr. Bilof provided rabies vaccines and de-warming medicine to the children’s pet dogs.

Thanks to your donations, phase 2 of the rebuilding of the Esperanza Clinic will resume in February. The outer walls were completed this year and we will continue in early 2018 with reconstruction of the internal walls. Also thanks to our AoA board members who give their time and work to keep me standing
tall, as well as to all of our volunteers who donate their time and hard labor to contribute to AoA’s mission. Without your help none of the great and successful projects described above would be possible. AoA has been the bridge and instrument that connects you with them. The courage, strength and resilience that people have showed me keeps me motivated to continue creating, being and collaborating so that together we all can make a world of difference!
One heart, two worlds!

Dolly Beaver
The Jungle’s Daughter
Executive Director
Angels of the Amazon